nadicom conducts microbiological and genetic analyses in accordance with GMP guidelines.
A range of techniques are used, including specific PCR, DNA fingerprints (RAPD PCR), genotyping and biofilm analysis. We use our own extensive validated databases (tree by nadicom and fybase by nadicom) to provide the customer with results, both genetic identities and micro-organism characterisations in a rapid turn-around time.
nadicom also offers individual consulting services for specific contamination issues, ensuring customer confidentiality at all times. We differ from our competitors in that we always strive to get a result for the customer, using whatever method necessary. This level of individual attention is attained due to our high level of expertise, our staff have been trained in the most prestigious molecular biology laboratories in Europe.
Furthermore, we have won many inter-laboratory competitions in Germany for morphological fungal identifications.
We look forward to solving your contamination issues!